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Lobster meat and tender pieces of sirloin beef sautéed w. nape and snow peas in a brown sauce

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Chef's Specials

Served with choice of soup or egg roll

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Stop in and see us today to try one of our mouthwatering Chef's Specials. Try our Peking Duck or our incredible General Tso's Chicken. You won't be disappointed!

Peking Specialty Items

Vegetarian Delight


Bamboo shoots, mushrooms, baby corn,

snow pea pods and tomatoes, sautéed in

a mildly spiced sauce

Strips of chicken breast dipped in a light batter and lightly fried to a crispy

perfections. The tangy, delicious sauce

is a perfect accompaniment

This remarkable dish was originally created for General Tso during the Ching dynasty. Chicken chunks marinated and quickly fried until crisp. Sautéed with scorched hot peppers in our

exotic tangy sauce

Expertly seared crispy chunks of chicken cooked w. dried orange peel and enhanced

by a tangy sauce




Sesame Chicken

Amazing Chicken

General Tso’s Chicken

Orange Flavored Chicken

Lemon Chicken

Capital Chicken

Pineapple Honey Chicken

Tender chicken breast specially prepared sprinkled w. sesame seeds and garnished

w. fried rice noodles

Named after its city or origin in Hunan,

this dish combines strips of fried chicken breast and vegetables in the chef’s special hot sauce

Strips of chicken (or shrimp), onion, red pepper and green pepper cooked in a specially prepared honey sauce








Expertly seared crispy chunks of steak cooked w. dried orange peel and enhanced by a tangy sauce

Tender steak w. vegetables specially made w. the Chinese way for the steak lovers.

Served on a sizzling platter

Crispy-fried chicken breast sliced and served with lemon sauce

Orange Shrimp

Chinese Strip-Steak

or Shrimp

Sesame Beef

Black Pepper Steak




Lobster, scallops, shrimp, crab meat and fried fish w. vegetables simmered in a hot du du pot

Strips of beef sprinkled w. sesame seeds and garnished w. fried rice noodles

Tender and juicy strips of beef cooked deli catel prepared to meet your expectation.

Served on a sizzling platter

Sunshine Shrimp

Orange Flavored Beef



Hunan Couple

Sizzling Trio

Sesame Shrimp

Beef, sea scallops and shrimp sautéed w. vegetables in a chef's special sauce,

served on a sizzling platter

Jumbo fried shrimp sautéed w. orange peel and enhanced by a tangy brown sauce

Jumbo shrimp lightly fried and seasoned w. a special sauce, sprinkled w. sesame seeds

Deep fried giant shrimp on top of sautéed mixed vegetables in brown sauce




Bride and Groom

Curry Delight

Shrimp, slices of chicken and beef sautéed w. veg. in a traditional curry sauce

Shrimp sautéed w. chili sauce and shredded pork sautéed w. black bean sauce



Crispy Fish Hunan Style

Crispy Walnut Combo

Triple Delight



A perfect blend of shrimp, beef and

chicken sautéed with vegetables in our

special brown sauce

Deep fried strips of beef and chicken gently sautéed w. vegetables in a rich brown sauce

Seven Wonders of the World

Steamed or Crispy Whole Fish  

Quick-fried filet of fish served w. rich,

hot and spicy Hunan sauce

Combination of jumbo shrimp and scallop breaded and deep-fried until crispy. Served w.

our special tangy sauce and sprinkled w. honey glazed walnuts



A combination of 3 different flavored chicken dishes. General Tso’s chicken, Lemon Chicken and Snow Pea Chicken

Choice of fresh whole fish covered by strips of scallions, red peppers and black mushrooms in ginger sauce

Lobster Tail Special  

Du Du Seafood




Fresh scallops breaded and deep-fried until crispy, then stir-fried in a black pepper sauce, steamed broccoli on the side

Chunks of marinated lobster tail stir-fried w. your choice of black bean sauce, chili sauce

or garlic sauce

Salmon Sizzler

Floating Jewels



Seafood Delight

Eggplant Dumplings

Fresh shrimp and scallops chopped together,

then filled into eggplant and covered w. chef's special sauce

Fresh boneless salmon steamed w. Chinese vegetables covered in brown sauce, served on

a sizzling platter



For seafood lovers. Lobster meat, jumbo shrimp, sea scallops and fried fish sautéed w. vegetables in chef's white sauce

Tender beef, scallops and chicken sautéed w. Chinese vegetables in brown sauce, served surrounded seven fantail shrimp

Happy Family

Chinese Surf and Turf



House Special Duck (half)

Peking Duck (whole)

Honey Duck

Three’s Company (for 2)

Delicately roasted, deboned and baked

w. honey sauce

Boneless duck meat and fresh vegetables sautéed in our succulent sauce

Lobster, jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, beef,

chicken w. Chinese vegetables in our special sauce




Available daily without prior notice.

The crowning glory of Chinese cuisine.

Served w. pancakes, scallions and hoisin sauce

Substitutions of plain fried rice or brown rice instead rice

is $1.00 per serving

Indulge in one of our unique and delicious Chef's Specialty items. Order yours today!